Saturday, April 03, 2004

Reyes Goes to DL, Botallico cut Loose

Jose Reyes played in the Mets minor league game today. He had 1 hit in 4 ab's but was still running gingerly. The Mets will put Reyes on the DL to start the season. Reyes will be eligible to come off when the club makes the trip to Puerto Rico, but it is likely he will not play until the Mets home opener.

With Reyes headed to the DL, the Mets could keep 2 pitchers in the Wheeler, Moreno, Botallico group. Fortunately for all, Ricky Botallico was given his walking papers and at least for now, Orber Moreno and Dan Wheeler will break camp with the team.

This was a smart move by the Mets. Moreno I think will pitch very well, and Wheeler will probably only be up until Reyes comes back. I was afraid that the Mets would give Botallico the spot just based on reputation, but I am happy to see the Mets changing their ways a bit. Today was a great day for Duquette and the Mets.

Mets Wallop Marlins

The Mets busted out of their collective slump in a big way, as Ty Wiggington led the way with 5 hits as the Mets rolled to a 21-13 win.

Matsui Feeling Comfortable

"I'm seeing a lot of pitchers now and I feel like I'm getting accustomed a little more," Matsui said. "The last three days I've had a little bit of a turnaround. I'm able to keep my rhythm in the batter's box and I wasn't able to do that before. I'm still moving toward the ball a little but that won't be fixed overnight.

"There are a lot of things I had to adjust to for the first time. I knew it was going to be a tough ride. I'm trying to get through."

I've been as skeptacle about Matsui as anyone, but perhaps he is finding his swing. For now I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he will hit as expected, and not be a Rey Ordonez clone.
Adios Roger

According to Rotoworld, the Mets have shipped Roger Cedeno to the Cards for infielder Wilson Delgado and Catcher Chris Widger. Rotoworld also reports that Delgado will report to AAA and Widger may be relesed.

Edit: Here is an ESPN link confirming the trade.

Well, what can I say? The Mets finally showed some guts here and got rid of this guy. I didn't think they'd get any one notable back. The last thing the Mets need is another catcher, so I could see Widger getting released. Delgado really is nothing special. A slightly below average bench player. AAA is definitley the place for him to be.

Cedeno's Met career will always be remembered for the bad times, but let's remember just how good he was for us in 1999. It's a shame what happened to him. I'm glad he is off the team, but I hope he does well and gets cheered a lot in St. Louis.
Leiter Hit in Head by Line Drive

Mets pitcher Al Leiter was hit in the head by a line drive off the bat of Alex Gonzalez in today's exhibition game. Leiter was knocked down, but did stand up under his own power. Leiter was taken to the hospital for x-rays but was coherent enought to call his wife and tell her he was ok.

Leiter's status for his first regular season start has yet to be determined.

Re-Living the 1986 championship team

There is a fantastic new book coming out entitled "The Bad Guys won", written by Jeff Pearlman. Judging from the website, the book looks to be pretty cool, especially with some great off the field stories. Check out the site, it has a ton of cool pics up too.

I am interested in this book because quite frankly I am fascinated by the 86 Mets. I was only 2 years old in 86 so I never got to experience just how fun that season must have been. Fortunately for me, my Dad had taped the entire playoff run. Those Astros games were just incredible.
Reyes to Play in Minor League Game Today

According to the Daily News:

Jose Reyes' recovery from a right hamstring strain continues to produce mixed messages. After running several times from the plate to first base at half-speed yesterday, Reyes pronounced himself at 65%. Less than three hours later, after taking batting practice for the second straight day without any reported discomfort, he upgraded himself to 75% and is scheduled to play in a minor-league game today - though he had yet to attempt full bursts of speed.

Reyes also revealed he would remain behind when the Mets break camp tomorrow to participate in extended spring training. The team's assumption is Reyes will be placed on the disabled list and spend four games there, returning a week from today when the Mets play the second game of a series in San Juan against the Expos.

As much as I want Reyes in the lineup on opening day, the D.L. is probably the best bet at the moment. Hopefully he doesn't have any setbacks along the way.
Cedeno May be Headed to St. Louis

According to the Bergen Record, the Mets are on the verge of trading Roger Cedeno to the Cardinals.

The Mets are asking for very little in exchange for Cedeno, instead preferring to just rid themselves of the outfielder who has been a tremendous disappointment since signing a four-year $18 million deal before the 2002 season. If the deal were made, the Mets would pay most of the $10 million still owed to Cedeno.

I think most Mets fans would agree that this would be best for both parties. Cedeno never had a chance in New York and hopefully could find his niche in St. Louis. Meanwhile the Mets would rid themselves of a player who they have no use for and is the subject of the fans venom. I have to admit that I've always liked and rooted for Roger. If this does happen part of me will be sad to see him go.
More Rotation News

It is 100 percent official. In this NY Times article it confirms reports that Tyler Yates will be the 4th starter and Scott Erickson the 5th. I won't even discuss the injustice here. I am happy for Yates but disgusted that Seo was left off the team.

"Jae had the fourth spot and he pitched himself off the team," Howe said before the Mets lost to the Marlins, 6-3, on Friday. "You just hope that you don't overreact in spring training. You can overreact to poor performance or good performance."

His friend and interpreter, Daniel Kim, said of Seo: "He is very disappointed in how everything happened. He thought he'd be the fourth starter. That idea was shared by many of us. When this became a reality, he was surprised, despite the warnings."

I never thought spring training could carry so much weight for a pitcher who was argubaly the Mets best last year. I could go into stats to back this up, but I don't even think they are necessary in this case. It seems that the Mets may have a few other tricks up their sleeves as well as they are having many trade talks involving Milton Bradley and some involving Roger Cedeno.

The Mets are looking into a couple of trades — they could unload Roger Cedeño before opening day — but the only one of significance involves Bradley, who could start in right field and who had a .421 on-base percentage last year. Though no offer has been made, talks have progressed past the preliminary stages. "In order to go forward, I'd have to get approval from ownership," Duquette said.

I would love Bradley here but if Duquette could get rid of Cedeno I would give him GM of the year. Why do I have this feeling of doubt though? Seems to me the Mets will do something incedibally stupid....as if the Jae Seo situation wasn't stupid enough.

Mets Lose Again

The Mets also lost another Spring training game. This time it was a 6-3 contest to the Marlins. That makes 7 losses in a row. I sure hope they are getting these losses out of the way early.

Friday, April 02, 2004

The Roation is set....For Now

According to WFAN and Ed Coleman, the Mets have named their 4th and 5th starters.

Drumroll please.......And the winnners are.....Tyler Yates and Scott Erickson!

This comes as a huge surprise to me. I like the fact that thay are going to give Yates a chance, but I HATE the fact that they are giving Erickson a chance. I really feel bad for Jae Seo. I didnt know one bad spring training could off set a years worth of solid work.

I think there may be more to this though. I think the Mets may be holding onto Erickson because they know they have a deal in place with another team. If Duquette can get a middler reliever (lord knows we have enough of them) for Erickson, then it will be worth it. Then maybe Seo will get his chance. If this is not the case, I hope Seo pitches well enough to unseat Erickson at some point during the season.

This move also means that Grant Roberts will head to the bullpen, creating another battle for the final bullpen spot.

I will post more on this situation later when more news comes out.
Wilpon Unhappy with Mets Play

Mets owner Fred Wilpon is not happy with the Mets play this spring training, and he isn't afraid to let them know about it.

Fred Wilpon acknowledged yesterday that he is unhappy with the sloppy play and warned that the team better improve its focus before the regular season begins Tuesday night in Atlanta.

The Mets have lost six in a row after last night's 4-1 setback to the Orioles. The good news was they didn't commit an error -- the Mets had been playing awful defense with 12 errors in their previous six games.

It's about time somebody stepped in and said something. As a fan, I have not been happy with the play thus far. It seems dull and un-inspired. Of course I'm sure Mr. Wilpon is aware that if this team struggles, he will lose a lot of money.

Before spring training, the Mets were told to emphasize several things: Play their best ball at the end of the spring to gain momentum into the regular season, and win TV games in order to generate interest in the club back home that would hopefully translate into increased ticket sales.

An interesting concept, but the Mets are just 2-8 in televised games. And even if they were 8-2, who would care when there is an all star team playing in the Bronx?

Rotation Getting Clearer

The Ny Daily News reports that Orber Moreno and Dan Wheeler will make the team. The article also speculates that Scott Erickson and Grant Roberts will round out the rotation.

Also from that article, the Mets sent Raul Gonzalez and Danny Garcia to AAA Norfolk.

I have to admit, the fact that Jae Seo seems like the odd man out bothers me a lot. If we were to just go on spring training, then Kaz Matsui and Braden Looper shouldn't make the team either. Some guys just have bad springs.

Mets still appear to have some ineterest in Bradley, but I am not sure if they will land him. Afterall, we are talking about the Mets here.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

News and Notes

The Mets continued their spring training losing streak, losing 4-1 to the Orioles. It was another bad night for Kaz Matsui as he produced an 0 for 4 effort. Ty Wiggington supplied the only run with a solo HR. Tom glavine also pitched well in the loss.

I usually do not put much stock into spring training games, but there are some alarming things going on with the mets. Kaz Matsui's struggels are certainly on the top of the list. Only one word can describe his hitting thus far....awful. I don't know if he is injured or what, but I hope he is just a slow starter or he finds his stroke soon.

Mets Interested in Bradley
According to the NY Times, the Mets are showing interest in Milton Bradley. Although the two clubs have not had any discussions, General Manager Jim Duquttes said "We're definitely considering him." Read into this however you want. I think this is a move the Mets have to make.

In that same article Art Howe suggests that Kaz Matsui may be dropped down from the leadoff spot. Matsui is batting just .167 this spring.

Reyes Improving

One day after re-aggravating his hamstring injury, Jose Reyes showed little effect of the injury as he took BP and fielded ground balls.

A Mets official said Thursday that Reyes' setbacks this week were not necessarily red flags and could be nothing more than minor discomfort during a delicate rehabilitation.

The next crucial step, and the one that tripped up Reyes on Sunday, is running the bases, and he said he'll give it another try this afternoon

I'm holding my breath that he recovers and has a long and injury free season. This is certainly a good sign.

Bye Bye Baldwin

James Baldwin, Aaron Heilman and Matt Ginter were all sent to AAA Norfolk. This leaves Scott Erickson, Grant roberts and Tyler Yates to battle things out. A decision must be made by Midnight on Saturday.
Lets Not Play Games

It's time to get Milton Bradley.According to ESPN.com, the Indians will trade their talented but troubled outfielder within 72 hours. This trade is just too perfect for the Mets. His value is not that high due to his recent problems and he is much better than Shane Spencer and Karim Garcia.

Take a look at Bradleys numbers last year.

377 AB, .321/.421/.501, 152 OPS+, 10 HR, 56 RBI.

I wouldnt expect him to duplicate those numbers at Shea, but he would most definitely be a signifigant upgrade and would give the Mets the chance to have an extremely strong bench with Garcia there.

I don't know what it would take to get him but I would offer Heilman to start. I would do whatever it takes though to get this deal done and would be extremely dissapointed if the Mets at least did not show interest.

My money is he ends up in LA though.
April Fools....

Since today is April Fool's Day, what better way to celebrate then reading the story of the legendary Sid Finch.

Here it is...enjoy.
In the News

It's a busy news day today, so lets get started.

One day after I do an article about Seo and Roberts getting the last two spots in the rotation, chaos happens. Roberts was lit up last night which has just confused the situation even more. The NY Daily news reports that the mets were leaning towards demoting Jae Seo to start the season and giving his spot to Scott Erickson.

I think the mets are losing their minds if Erickson makes the rotation over Seo or Roberts. For months Fred Wilpon has preached the "younger and more athletic" plan. Then they go out and sign Zeile, and bring in Erickson and Baldwin. Maybe the requirement was that everyone had to be younger than Franco. If the Mets are this adamant about Seo not making the rotation then I would rather see Yates and Roberts at the bottom of the rotation. Didn't the Mets learn their lesson with David Cone last year?

Then we have a NY Post article that states the Mets are entertaining trade offers for Scott Erickon. Why would any one trade for him when there is a good chance he will be released anyway?

There is nothing new on the Reyes situation. It seems possible he could head to the DL but his agent Peter Greenberg is a bit more optimistic, "He had a little setback.He tweaked his hamstring again. We think it's a little thing. We don't think it's anything too serious." I think it would be best to hold him out from doing anything for a week, then see how it feels. I think he may have rushed into activity too soon.

And in the "I can't believe what I'm reading" section, the Mets had a workout for Bill Pulsipher yesterday. For now, he will pitch for the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic league. If he pitches well there, the mets may have interest. Pulsipher seemed excited about the opportunity to return:"I'm a Met. I bleed Met blue.That's the team I rooted for as a kid."

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Reyes Re-Aggravates Hamstring injury

The Mets received some unfortunate news today as Jose Reyes re-aggravated his hamstring injury and will miss more time than originally expected.

Reyes re-injured the hamstring while taking batting practice. Reyes was noticeably upset and offered these words on his status: "Maybe no, maybe yes," he said. "I need a break I think. I don't know about the disabled list. I'll just have to wait and see. The only thing I can do is rest. When I'm ready, I'm ready."

General manager Jim Duquette said this:
"We're going to wait until the last minute before making a decision," Time is obviously running out. We're frustrated for him. He works hard at it. He's a big part of our club, short and long term. "Part of the recovery means that he's going to have soreness. There are no definitive answers on how long it will take to recover. It's a process of stops and starts until he feels better."

This is obviously an unfortunate thing to happen. One can’t help but root for Reyes because he has such a good attitude and demeanor. His injury problems are very troubling and should be a cause for concern. Now we just sit back and wait to see what happens next. If this is a lingering problem the mets can kiss their hopes for a strong season goodbye.

Todays Game
Dodgers 11, Mets 5
It looks like Roberts may have seriously hurt his chances to win the 5th spot.

Say it aint Seo

The main story this spring has been the race for the 5th starters spot. Before yesterday, the race has been everything it was supposed to be. All 5 candidates have pitched well, and because of this the Mets find themselves with some excess arms. The consensus seemed to be that Grant Roberts has inched ahead of the pack and will be named the 5th man.If this is the case, one may have assumed that Heilman, Baldwin and Yates would be sent down to AAA and Mr. Lisa Guerrero would be forced to look for employment elsewhere. Well luckily for them, they are not dead yet. It seems as if the Mets management has not been impressed with Jae Seo this spring (can you blame them?), and have said that Seo’s spot in the rotation is up for grabs.

Let’s take a closer look at this shall we? Granted Seo is having a dreadful spring training, but that cannot be the lone factor in this decision. Last year Seo surprised us all by becoming a very consistent major leaguer. Surely his body of work from last year must outweigh his spring training work, because after all, these games are meaningless.

If you ask me this is just a motivational tool to try and get Seo to pitch better as we venture into the start of the season. If they really are serious about this threat though, then they better make the right call for who takes the job.

Lets look at the spring numbers thus far. So far this spring Seo is 0-2 with a 7.48 ERA through 21 2/3 innings. The numbers for the other 4 are as follows:

Roberts: 1-0 with a 3.72 ERA in 19 1/3 innings.
Yates: 3-0 with a 0.64 ERA in 14 innings.
Baldwin:1-0 with a 0.75 ERA over 12 innings.
Erickson:0-2 with a 3.75 over 12 innings.

Hmmm, these are some impressive number. For now lets pretend I make the decisions. Since the goal is to get younger I must rid the organization of the old men. Therefore,Erickson is gone and so is Baldwin. This leaves Seo, Roberts and Yates for the final 2 spots. Roberts deserves a chance because he has been through so much with this organization. Now we're down to two for one spot. I honestly ould like to see what Yates could do, but I am giving Seo the benefit of the doubt. I will however have him on a short leash. We as Mets fans should be confident that there is some one as talented as Yates waiting in the wings.

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