Monday, May 17, 2004

Well as finals are now officially over, I can worry about baseball now. So here goes.

The Mets went 4-3 on a very tough road trip. If it werent for James Baldwin who knows how good they may have done. Speaking of Baldwin, he was DFA'ed to make room for Matt Ginter. Ginter made his debut yesterday and pitched well. Right now, he has earned the 5th starters spot.

Yesterdays game was a crazy one. Clemens is simply dominating. It's hard to believe a 40 year old pitcher can be so good. Fortunately for the Mets, Mike Piazza still has some magic in that bat. His 2 run hoer in the ninth tied things up, and Jason Phillips HR in the 13th secured a Mets win. Just an awesome game.

How bout Eric Valent? This guy is impressing me more and more everyday. Same thing with Looper.


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